Winter ice fishing for pike, lenok, grayling, char, whitefish, smelt and other fish is conducted on the rivers and reservoirs of the Khabarovsk region. The fishing trips are organized to the rivers, which are not too popular among the local anglers. These can be both rivers located relatively close to the city of Khabarovsk (up to 150 km) and remote waters in the lower Amur River, as well as hard-to-reach mountainous rivers that flow into Tatar Strait.

This can be one-day fishing not far from Khabarovsk or a long-distance expedition that lasts several days. The group could stay in a permanent base or in a temporary camp. Of course, the farther you are from the civilization, the better is the fishing experience.

We have made trips to remote rivers that flow into the Tatar Strait both from the mainland and from the Sakhalin Island (for instance, the Usalgin and the Mukhtel Rivers). We also organize trips to many other rivers which are easier to reach.

Most of our trips are fully autonomous: we aren’t dependent on the availability of the accommodation in the huts. We can quickly set up a comfortable camp using perfect foreign-made winter tents with stoves and a sought-after sauna at each convenient location.

We use SUVs on roads and foreign-made wide track snowmobiles off-road. Our guides drive snowmobiles; there is usually one passenger per snowmobile. If the trip is an easy one, one more passenger can be placed in the sleigh. Sometimes it takes much time, but the route itself is an adventure, where you can enjoy unique and postcard-perfect terrain of the Far East.

We provide the most advanced and reliable gear: USA-made winter tents and stoves, Husqvarna ice augers, high quality camp beds, Therm-a-Rest air mattresses, kitchen utensils, satellite telephones, walkie-talkies, vacuum flasks, coolers, fishing tackle and many other things needed for such trips.

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