In the Khabarovsk region, there are many fascinating rivers where you can find different strong and beautiful fish species. Every our guest wants a different type of fishing. Some of them want to catch a trophy fish – usually it’s a Siberian or Sakhalin taimen. Others want to catch a trophy lenok weighing more than 6 kg. Other guests want to catch a big pike. Some of them prefer action fishing, when you can catch several different fish species in one day. Some others opt for a calm family boat tour on a postcard-perfect river, with unhurried fishing without long travelling to the water. We have prepared all of these options.

Programs on the mountainous and mountain/taiga rivers.
The fish species are: Siberian taimen, Sakhalin taimen, lenok, grayling, whitefish, Pacific salmon (cherry, pink, chum, and coho), chars (Dolly Varden and whitespotted char), Pacific redfin, Amur pike, and flathead asp. Almost all mountainous rivers (even those located not too far) have small hard-to-navigate tributaries, which are not too popular among the anglers. It’s a paradise for spin fishing! We will help you to get to these areas.
The fishing in the Amur River, its tributaries and bays. Here we are catching Amur pike, yellowcheek, predatory carp (skygazer), flathead asp, Mongolian redfin, Northern snakehead and other species. The fishing logistics is simple: the group is transferred by motorboat or SUV to the fishing area. After that we fish from the banks or from small inflatable kayaks if transferred by motorboat; if transferred by car we fish from banks or motorboats.
We also organize relaxed comfortable trips for married couples and beginner anglers. These are the fishing trips to beautiful mountainous rivers located close to Khabarovsk, about a four-hour drive. These rivers are rather safe, convenient and comfortable for beginner fishers who have just started gaining their fishing skills. We provide all necessary fishing tackle and lures. Experienced and attentive guides will explain and show how to use the fishing gear.
The trips for more proficient tourists and anglers are the fishing trips for trophy taimen to wild and hard-to-reach rivers, almost untouched by the humans. These are the most exciting trips. Such tours have the longest and the most complicated logistics. Our guides have wide experience of going through such rivers and will make the trip convenient and unforgettable.
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