We arrange winter trips to mountainous rivers located nearby and far away (100-800 km and more from Khabarovsk). These are the trips to the Amur River and its tributaries, as well as to the rivers that flow into the Sea of Okhotsk and Tatar Strait. Here we are fishing for lenok, char (Dolly Varden and whitespotted char), grayling, Amur pike, and whitefish. It can be one-day fishing not far from Khabarovsk or a long-distance expedition that lasts several days.
We use SUVs and off-road wide track BRP Skandic SWT snowmobiles to reach the fishing areas. Sometimes it takes much time, but the route itself is an adventure, where you can enjoy unique and postcard-perfect terrain of the Far East.
Many fishing spots have comfortable housing and hunting cabins, in such areas there are other people. It is much more exciting to go fishing where there are neither houses nor people. Where you can see pristine snow on ice and you are the first to drill a hole above the hungry fish that has never been fished for.
Having covered hundreds of kilometers by snowmobile to faraway Northern rivers of the Khabarovsk regon and the North of the Sakhalin Island on our own, we’ve learned to arrange comfortable conditions for daily life in winter away from civilization. In excellent winter tents ‘Arctic Oven’ and ‘Snowtrekker’ created specifically for comfortable living in severe frost, one can live a warm, dry, and comfortable life away from civilization for weeks.
The trips are structured the following way. Our representative meets the group at Khabarovsk airport or at another airport closest to the fishing area. After that, we go by SUV or snowmobile to the base, or a temporary tent camp is arranged. Usually the trip has five full days of fishing; after the fishing we return to the airport.
Our company will provide you with everything needed for these trips. You will have to take along only the warm clothing. All the necessary gear, including the ice augers, fishing tackle, lures and baits will be provided.
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